(Book Review) American Gods. By Neil Gaiman

Genre:- Fantasy (self inventing Fantasy) Length: 635 (paperback edition) Synopsis:

Days before his release from prison, Shadow’s wife, Laura, dies in a mysterious car crash. Numbly, he makes his way back home. On the plane, he encounters the enigmatic Mr Wednesday, who claims to be a refugee from a distant war, a former god and the king of America. Together they embark on a profoundly strange journey across the heart of the USA, whilst all around them a storm of preternatural and epic proportions threatens to break.

Via:goodreads Verdict: 2.5/5 stars (this is not a final verdict ) Diclaimer

I must tell you this is the genuine words for the Neil Gaiman’s work ”AMERICAN GODS”.This review contains some of the strong words and criticized as much as possible.The reason of the reviews to be honest ,so that even the non-readers who wants to give book a try,the reviews tells them that the book worth it or not. If there’s any point(s) you did’nt like… just keep that to your self,untill and unless you are Neil Gaiman.

I selected Neil Gaiman because of the aura of him. And that I selected his most known work ”American Gods”. What to say… Lets begin the review.

What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.

Firstly the atmosphere is not clear at all of the book. I read the first 100 pages and then I am just not clear of what is happening.So I have decided to read it patiently . I know, you should give some time to read through the eyes of writer. But still I have completed it and he can’t clear my mind on this book. Whats it is about ? Its something type of Murakami and Coelho’s work.You know self inventing type. Fyi I don’t like the self inventing type of books I don’t think the Murakami’s works and Neil Gaiman’s works are the part of litrature . They are written for one’s own satisfaction. I know there’s lot of fan following of these writers . But I always write what I feel On that base . The book is so frustating as protagonist Shadow is confusing and the story is so motiveless . For the character part there are lot of them. The voices are not clearand difrrentiable at all . Characters are damn confusing and you can’t imagine any one of them . The writing is ordinary as there’s nothing special and unique done with it. The golden rule of writing is ”Showing ” not ”Telling” . The book is full of”Tellings” . I don’t know if its the uniqueness of the writer,then he failed in making an intresting and intriguing book. For example the books is full of ”he said”. ”he asked”. Like that completion phrases. The name of the ”so called gods” are not helping in making the book any easier to grasp, but by making it most difficult . For one God there are so many many refrence names are there…and without telling them . It’s upto your knowledge and wisdom to make you to enlighten the scene. There’s another flaw in numbers of characters.There’s sudden introduction of them and then you get to know that ” this character is also there?” ”I DID’NT KNOW THAT!” I must say the plot is really good. There is no fault in that. But the story could be better than this. There’s also ”A coin magic trick”. I just don’t get it .Why? And writer wants you to accept it as the classic signature style of the character.As I said ‘WANTS TO’. I just don’t know why every character is so obssesed with it. It’s like the whole story revolve around this useless magic trick.

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