(Book Review)The Goldfinch. by Donna Tartt

Writer:Donna Tartt Book Length:771(but way longer) GENRE:LIFESTYLE,CONTEMPERORY,FICTION. Verdict:-Don’t be RESTLESS

Let’s put aside the fact ,that this book won Pulitzer Prize.

#not recommended for any reader .Untill and unless you want to read.Read . Like for me I want to read everything ever written.#I know its impossiblE#InYourFaceHaters. As I always say Put your humour glasses on and just enjoy. I know it’s quite late for a blog and the exams were ended in last of december.But the reason behind it is I have to complete the Goldfinch and as you’ve know that it’s not a easy book as the length ,it’s a giant one.I have read lord of the rings and It .But this book is more lengthy.Why I am saying that is because that the font size is regular and the size(length*breadth)length of the book is large. Main reason behind why It’s a difficult and long for me is .As you’ve known by now what I want to say here. So why don’t we start what you are here for.??? Get satated with the Review. Characters. This books has quite characters.But for me and for me especially.I want characters as to be define as they are important or not to remember. But in this book I thinks it’s failed in doing so. You can’t differentiate between the important and not important”that” characters.There’s The main protagnist Theodore Decker and Borris who are main(according to me) characterisation in this ,but there are more! but this book is failed to connect them to you .You just have the characters of Borris and Theo.The characters are somewhat poor I must say. They are no one that are to be remembered for long.Not a powerful characters. Theo’s mom character is somewhat clear and interesting.But…… for that you have to read it.Sorry I can’t spoil something like that as the whole story revolves around Theo’s mom.As you’ve known if you read it already. Now about the atmosphere… Atmosphere. The book gives the vibes of depressing situations by time to time.The books is somewhat depressing. You always wanted to just end it JUST end.For the non-readers they surely throw this book out of the window.#ThisSucks This book is basically situated in the Hollywood and very keenly depicts about the surrounds ,the behaviour of people of hollywood.This book also takes you to the light city ,Vegas and I must say it is beautifully written about the places and gives you a lot of information about Vegas and Manhattan. Like when the main character went to Vegas the surround is different what we have seen in movies.Its different to go to Vegas as tourist and It’s different to live in there. It’s beautifully written there.And it purely different what we think and what we get to know and then somehow you come to know that it’s True situation about living there. I have to give this part to this book. World Creation. This book is really good in world creation that if you want to know every single detail of how the character is moving breathing ,the surround,enviroment.It tells you everything.As majorly I have covered this point in atmosphere. So let’s just move on. Plot :- There’s very simple and really very simple plot of this book.The book is interesting in start .But the book is so confusing and so unintresting after a certain point that you have to question yourself that ‘Do this book really deserve reading’? You have to force yourself to read this.There’s no twist and not happening in this book.As I have mentioned above this Book is Boring at its limit.But I also mention this that if this book won pulitzer award which do not need any criticism then there will be something that should be of THAT level. So I tell you the last 100 pages of this book is so AMAZING that you forget the questions and the confusion is cracked. ‘Wisdom advice is that ,this book don’t DESERVE to be read even it won PULITZER PRIZE FOR 2013.’ Now for the intrigue part. INTRIGUE This here Intrigue the plot here of this story is so DAMN boring that you want to continue at all. The binding energy of this book is so low that you even don’t want to touch this book at all after 300 pages[ little exxgerated ,not many people even do till then(*not joking at all)] At last the book don’t hold you at all .

This book makes me do te mixed review.I know that if you are reading this review the reaction are so damn mixed and confusing but so is the BOOK.

LOGIC:- This story has a especiallity that it’s so logically correct ,that there’s real life experience .If you observe a lot in reading a book then you get to know the characters life is someone wrote like it’s happened to them at some extent of their life. This book is logically correct and there the writer makes the difference . The characters are logically correct and makes you to think that what will you do if you’re in there place? Answer is ‘ what is written next in the book’.

Enjoyment:- Enjoyment part for me you surely will guess after reading my this review full of mixed reactions. I hope you guessed it right. The enjoyment for me is important as if you don’t enjoy what you do makes you to hate the thing you’re doing. And for this book I must say this Book given me the slump of reading ,my blogging. This review is in my draft for two months I ‘ve decided this review for my new year’s fist post. And here I am that this is delayed by 2 months .But I assure you that there’s so many reviews are there for you to enjoy. Now back to the ENJOYMENT part. There the book is so Faulty that this book lack’s the key ingredient which is Enjoyment. This book is just a book and from my point of view this is not something like the level of Pulitzer award . This book is the piece of JUNK.


In the end I just wanna tell you thìs review happen due to the lack of the enjoyment or it’s just the bad timing after all we can’t deny the fact that it is the work of The Pulitzer Award level.So it can be just that this work is not for my age at all(mental age). I accept the fact that Somewhere I am responsible for not enjoying the work. BUT I must say this is the work for very (VERY )high mentality kind of person or i say for the Oldies. My final verdict is 1.5/5 stars. It’s not easy to be so hard on the things.As I have spent so many hours ,days,week on this and coming to the conclusion. But when I started blogging I have a mind setup that I will write honest blog and write every feelings and thoughts in post after reading a book. And thats Why I call myself a Critic.

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