Exams,Prioritizing and BookWyrm’s guilty tag.

Don’t you hate when you do something that you like ,and some other SOMETHING comes in your way which is also”important” and makes your mind some kind of distracted?

Exams ,here are that distraction for me.So that you will feel guilty about that something. I am feeling it right now. Right this moment

. I have my TESTs all troughout this month of DECEMBER to which I am not able to read books. There’s shelf full of my new books . December is like christmas for us bookreaders.{don’t you think so?}.That’s why christmas is in December.(hope you all have your sense of humour glasses ON).

Now , How can I relate this to you guys?

Let me think?

This feeling is like…

1)feeling hungry and pie is right next to you but you can’t eat it, because your medical reports are here and your sugar level is somewhat 405.(pffff,you are gonna eat it any way!)….#ForFoodies

2)Your tyre got punctured and you don’t have any spare tyre which you suppose to have .(darn!you gonna travel anyway dah!with your legs)…..#ForTravellers . . . . . . .

. . 999….)you have books and you can’t read them because you have TESTs.( nononono.Here,you littrally can’t read books .{novels/novellas}).ForBookWorms It’s so annoying that you can’t read and that if you want to. And its more annoyer when you can’t blog. Blog about your theme. About my theme. It’s really hard one to choose blogging,reading or tests. Which one I should choose. . . . . . .

I am choosing…..


My priority right now are my tests.

I suggest every followers (i love you all so much) and all the visitors(I love you all more when you like this post) you always prefer test,exams or any thing like that more than the things you can carry on later on .

I can wait till the exams end.And you can take this dilemma this way like,it’ll be like iceing or surprising yourself after you perform good in tests and then you continue with the subject you like.It can be writng,reading,eating,or dreaming anything. But you have to know to prioritize things in your life.

Prioritizing is not permanent .It is temperary and comes into life every now and then for very small duration. And if it’ll be about my Book reviews ?

I have all sorted out in life.

I can review the books I’ve read previously.Books which I’ve read before Blogging Reviews. I hope you all enjoy them a lot.

And guess what ?

Blogging reviews of previously reads is the Temperory solution. I hope you all like this post and makes you think about the prioritizing the things in your life. I will post really soon ,the reviews of the books I’ve read before.And in next post hopefully I tell you all about my life{bloging life} before blogging .

Now the time for the BookWyrm guilty tag pictures.

If you wanted more like this posts(I know you all wanted more you all GreedyOne) Click the link down below.


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If you like this post don’t forget to click that thumbs up.I know you’ll do that.click it click it click it…… You all are AWESOME..till the next post ,be nice to each other and have a spare time in your life of thinking selflessly by thinking about others and for books ofcource and feel free in comment section whether it’s about post or any kind of advice for me or suggestions of books .It can be anything. Bye!…

And remember….


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